Specialized Teaching

Midwest Guitar School offers an array of courses in the art, craft and engineering of building and repairing stringed instruments. We have designed our courses to provide each student with the individualized instruction needed to acquire the skills and knowledge in their specific areas of interest.To achieve this we limit our student enrollment to 3 to 4 students at one time. Students are able to work on their individual course project, while learning alongside another who may be in a different program. This creates a unique and collaborative environment in which students learn from each other along with full time course instruction. Each student is provided with their own personal workstation fully equipped with the necessary tools to complete their project.


We are located in St. Louis Missouri at the entrance of the Cherokee Shopping District, adjacent to the Historic Cherokee Antique Row. Cherokee Street Shopping District is an eclectic and artistic community offering art galleries, specialty retail shops, and a variety of restaurants, coffee houses and live music and entertainment venues. The neighborhood is very community oriented and offers many community events and activities throughout the year. To learn more about our unique location please visit the Cherokee District website.

Midwest Guitar
2610 Cherokee Street
St. Louis, Missouri 63118