Midwest Guitar is  re-tuning!

We will be closing the retail shop on November 17.
I am semi retiring, and will be available on a part time basis by appointment only.
I will still be building custom instruments, and taking on repairs and restorations.
Also on a limited basis I will still be taking on some students
for the luthier classes .
The move and new shop will take some time, I hope to be available by Mid January 2019!
Thank You
Michael Emerson Boggeman
Mother of Pearl Sun inlays on fingerboard
One piece necks exclude extension block at the body joint
Removable pickup to give access for trussrod adjustment
Volume and tone accessible through the upper soundhole
Very sleek Bridge and Tailpiece with integrated tailpiece rest
Great Tone
Excellent Playability
Amazing Style

The Vasant Guitar is a unique instrument that combines look, feel and tone to deliver an unparalleled playing experience.  It’s enhanced comfort and sound will make it hard for you to put it down. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to be flexible towards each individual’s needs and interests in order to provide the knowledge and skill set to succeed in their educational goals. We design each course specifically around each individual and the skill set the student has upon entering the program.

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