Set-Up and Repair

Our luthier school courses are available to those who

would like to learn repair techniques, whether the

area of interest is of basic set-up and repair skills

or an extensive curriculum providing the skill set

to seek a career as a guitar repairman or

technician. We always welcome the techician

wishing to improve upon their skills with the most

current techniques.

Construction and Design

These courses are available to those who

would like to learn the craft of building a guitar or

stringed instrument. This includes individuals

who may interested in building one or a few

instruments for personal use or for those who

wish to build a careeer of building guitars, known

to the trade as Lutherie.


Building and repair instruction courses

for the following stringed instruments are


 Classical Guitar

 Acoustic Guitar

 Electric Guitar

 Bass Guitar

 Violin

 Mandolin

 Banjo

 And more, please inquire

Our mission is to be flexible towards each

individual’s needs and interests in order to

provide the knowledge and skill set to succeed in

their educational goals. We design each course

specifically around each individual and the skill

set the student has upon entering the program.